The industry’s finest CRM.

Starting from $100 p/user per month.


Built for brokers

Our flagship CRM plays nicely with your existing tech.

MT4/5 integrated

CRM2.0 integrates seamlessly into your MT4/5 infrastructure.

MIFID II ready

CRM2.0 is not only MIFID II ready, it makes compliance easier.

Plug and play

Less downtime- up and running within 30 days.

Your customer’s information at your fingertips. Always

We’ve put exactly what your team need when they need at their fingertips. Whether it’s your sales, retention, finance, back office or compliance team, our one of a kind profile has them covered.

FXGlobe Forex Industry Specific CRM

Integrates beautifully with your existing technology

We work with the same integrations as your brokerage uses every day.  Our CRM comes with all your favourite integrations ready to rock ‘n roll out of the box.

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Peripheral integrations


Compliance & KYC

Machine Learning

Smarter Funnels

Lead Management

Finance & Reporting

Rule Based

Stefanos Mitsi


FXGlobe relies heavily on BrightCode’s technology and CRM. We’ve seen drastic increases in performance of our team..

Vlad Sergeev

Founder & CEO

BrightCode’s tech is the center of our business. Very pleased!

Work Smarter. Not Harder

CRM, client portal & more starting from $3500 p/m.

Trusted by brokers around the world!

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